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Michael J. Cohen, Candidate for Nomination to the Office of President of the United States.



To benefit from our ideals we must have a process that enables us to implement them.

- Michael J. Cohen



A Presidential Candidate's Social Technology Increases Sensitivity In Government to Produce Personal, Social and the Environmental Improvement.

The candidacy of Dr. Michael J. Cohen as a nominee for President of the United States introduces a new, potent learning and relating
process, one that implements greater peace and wellness in our time (3).

The Process reverses the Natural Attractions Desensitazation Syndrome (NADS), a neurological disorder that underlies our society's greatest problems (4).

Cohen's Process is a critical tool for improving contemporary life. It is vital because to realize our greatest hopes and ideals we must identify and use a process that implements them (5). Without an effective process our ideas too often remain only as ideas while our troubles persist.

Good evidence suggests that we are presently on a psychological treadmill. We suffer our unsolvable problems because we are trying to solve them using a thinking and relating process that causes them (6).

Attraction Energies: Why the Process works
All systems, including the internet and natural systems within and around us, operate through attraction energies. These energies are the natural power that holds atoms together, produces materials, and causes electricity to flow in our nervous system or a computer. Like all our other senses, the sensation of Thirst is one of these attraction energies; it attracts the water cycle to flow through our body for our and Nature's survival

Over the eons, natural system attraction energies have produced Nature's perfection of which we and our psyche are part. The secret to that perfection is that in its natural, unadulterated state, it sustains itself by its attraction energies consistently purifying and recycling its contamination. For this reason Nature seldom suffers or produces the abusive, destructive, stressful and unjust relationships that plague contemporary society (5).

Contemporary thinking has taught itself to economically profit by conquering or substituting for Nature's perfection. Our environmental and social deterioration now alerts us to the destructiveness of this substitution. We now recognize that there are few innocent substitutes for Nature, its wholeness and integrity. Most substitutes have injurious "side effects" on natural systems in people and the environment (11).

Contemporary thinking's attraction to profit driven, runaway substitutions for Nature sooner or later pollute and deteriorate natural systems within and around us. That mental aberration is a major source of our unsolvable personal and global problems (13).

An Internet Presidency
The global communication inherent in natural systems holds Nature in balance worldwide. The internet and other electronic media potentially have the same communication ability with regard to people. However, being of contemporary origins and singularly electrical, the internet does not contain the wide ranging, diverse, natural system attraction wisdom that produces and sustains Nature's perfection (3).

Through the internet, Mike Cohen's presidency effectively addresses NADS, our thinking's destructive separation from how Nature's perfection works. It empowers every citizen with a easily accessible Process that enables them plug the balanced, and peaceful wisdom of natural system attraction energies within and around them into their thinking and the internet (4). The Process thereby gives contemporary people the ability to tap into and electronically communicate in verbal language, the non-verbal, self-healing attraction powers of natural systems. This is a beneficial breakthrough (2).

Each individual's use of the Process to connect their consciousness and the internet with natural systems has shown to produce relationship improvements personally and globally. The Process helps our thinking co-create with and operate as part of how Nature's perfection works (8).

Leadership Advantages
Because we ordinarily learn to ignore our natural system legacy, Cohen's leadership restores in each individual, including governmental leaders, our inherent ability to sentiently interweave our thinking into profound natural system attraction energies. To repeat, this is important because these energies demonstrably dissolve and recycle our destructive psychological attachments to people, technologies and the environment, attachments that undermine responsible change. (4 , 9).

It is reasonable for Americans to address the psychological, emotional /sensory, attraction source of the unsolvable problems we suffer. These problems demand psychological solutions. Without these solutions, our misguided and hurt emotional bonds continue to attach us to our discontents. They stop our intelligence from creating and sustaining free, peaceful relationships, the heart of our American dream (10).

Mike Cohen's platform nationally introduces a simple but powerful social technology. His Process rejuvenates the inborn, regenerative, natural system part of our thinking that we presently have learned to subdue. It allows Psychology, Ecology and Nature to revive in our consciousness our natural healing and purifying energies. This improves our ability to reason and relate more intelligently, to responsibly increase the joy and integrity of our personal, professional and political life (13).

Cohen's platform mainly consists of nationally introducing and disseminating a hands-on learning Process that results in greater personal, social and environmental sanity (3). It helps us use presently ignored natural attraction energies to transform our destructive ways into constructive relationships.

Cohen invites people to share with him how his candidacy can help them.

NOTE: You can print out a brochure containing the above statement in MSWord and distribute the brochure to interested people. Subsidized, online, distance learning courses and degrees are also available.






A Nominee for Presidential Candidate Offers a Trustable Antidote for our Untrustable Leadership Dilemmas.


Michael J. Cohen, Candidate for Presidential Nomination in 2004


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Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D. is an award winning Environmental Education and Psychology author who directs several university programs in Applied Ecopsychology as well as the Integrated Ecology Division of the Institute of Global Education and Project NatureConnect. He conceived the 1985 International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism" and is the recipient of the Distinguished World Citizen Award. For further information, visit his personal website http://www.ecopsych.com/mjcohen.html



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